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February 20, 2022 - An Eventing with Filmmaker Jaime Tafoya

An El Dorado County exclusive! One night only!

Free and open to all! Donations optional! Please :::simply join us to eat killer food and hear all about our upcoming film project. Kids and pets welcome! Win gift certificates to your favorite shopping destinations! Prize’s for late arrivals and best pajama outfit! Please bring the kids.! (Said that already) Healthy free food for kids to eat at school the next week! Prize for best excuse not to attend! (Limited to two) Dad jokes prohibited!

Event Details

January 6, 2022 - Strikes for Strokes

Help us raise funds for the production of “STORY AT ELEVEN” - an educational documentary by filmmaker Jaime Tafoya with executive producers Todd Stanley (Deadliest Catch) and Jo Haskin (Allen v Farrow-HBO) The STORY AT ELEVEN documentary will help identify the early signs of stroke and preventative avenues, the many methods of recovery and regaining physical and mental health and how/where to reach out for the necessary services needed to improve ones’ well-being.

Net proceeds from this fundraiser will be directed to the El Dorado Community Foundation - Story at Eleven Fund; El Dorado Community Foundation is a 501c3 foundation. The purpose of the fund is to provide a community health benefit by producing a documentary about the trauma/risk of debilitating stroke, the challenge of recovery and impact on community, with a strong focus on prevention through innovative outreach.

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